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PSNI Global Alliance Appoints New Board of Directors for 2018

PSNI Global Alliance announced their new board of directors during its annual conference, Supersummit, held last week.  The 2018 board will include a combination of North American and Global Members to reflect the goals and opportunities identified by the executive leadership team for the alliance.

Investing in Outcomes, Not Solutions

When transforming your organization to a digital workplace, not all solutions will align to your company’s goals, budgets, needs, etc. Keeping up with new technologies is a huge job in itself, so how do you know you’re on the right path?

Top 5 Most Talked About Trends in Technology

Audiovisual and information technology is always evolving, and your company needs to evolve with it to remain competitive and retain top talent. Here are the most talked about trends you should be tracking to stay ahead of the curve.

5 Tips for Optimizing AV System Performance

On any given day, members of your team may be working on the network, performing software updates, troubleshooting computers, and rushing into a meeting to connect a visitor’s laptop to the projector. IT pros are specialists, but when they are part of smaller teams, their organization’s leaders also expect them to be jacks-of-all-trades. In addition …