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Become an Affiliate

Thinking about applying to be a PSNI affiliate? Read our brochure.

Looking for a better ROI?

This is your invitation to a Return On your Investment through the connected North American network of PSNI integrators

PSNI brings together best-in-class integrators who are process-driven, value-added solution providers focused on delivering an exceptional client experience.

As business owners, PSNI affiliates seek increased profitability and a return on investment. For the past 26 years, that is exactly what Professional Systems Network International has strived to achieve and deliver to the affiliates — the stockholders — of PSNI.

The Mission of PSNI is to “provide a nationwide forum for information exchange and problem solving, elevate public awareness of our affiliates’ capabilities, and support our affiliates’ commitment to the success of the solutions they provide.”

PSNI affiliates and Preferred Vendor Partners (PVPs) support each other by partnering across the network. We strongly support each other through best-practice sharing, collaboration, continuing education, industry certification, common vendor selection and training. PSNI affiliates believe in a shared commitment to building trust, professionalism, learning, common values and high standards at every step.

As part of a peer group unmatched in the industry, the opportunities for affiliates are endless. The PSNI network provides numerous programs, resources, tools and insightful research that can reposition or validate the direction and future of your company, revealing opportunities for success!

Affiliates leverage the power of the PSNI network to participate in projects, leads and opportunities with clients previously unattainable. In addition, as PSNI expands affiliates’ outreach at vertical trade shows; the network can attract leads and opportunities.

Incremental Revenue: Participate in projects and future service opportunities with clients where you may not have had the opportunity due to decision-makers being in another market.

Part of Something Bigger: Be a part of a national or international project for which, as a regional integrator, you may have not been considered, or the decision was made in another market. Expand your scope of service to clients by offering them a North American network to handle all their AV/IT needs.

Preferred Vendor Programs: Participate in group incentive programs available through the PSNI network that benefit each affiliate directly as well as offset association costs for training and education programs and summits.

As businesses, we constantly promote our value proposition to differentiate us from our competitors. PSNI affiliates meet in person, collaborate online and share tips, ideas and best practice discussions through multiple channels. The idea flow is continual. Additionally, national benchmarking surveys and studies are conducted all year long so affiliates can compare and contrast their business conditions to other integrators in North America.

National Surveys and Benchmarking: Surveys are done throughout the year that help affiliates compare their condition and performance to others located throughout North America. Human resources, financial, business climate, and other topics are included.

Education and Best Practices: Working in conjunction with InfoComm and NSCA, PSNI affiliates host their own training for sales and project management. These summits engage our management at a peer-to-peer level for idea sharing as well as to discuss and implement national account methodologies.

Speakers: Guest speakers are engaged to present topics of interest to affiliates.

To inquire about becoming a PSNI affiliate, contact:

Chris Miller, Executive Director

Office: (918) 388-1343
Cell: (918) 645-5231