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AV Technology is, well, cool.

Schools, banks, houses of worship and corporations increasingly rely on stunning visuals and crisp, attention-grabbing audio to deliver their messaging. Behind those flat-panel and projection screens and speakers are men and women whose professions are to sell, design and install these audiovisual systems.

Your talents and interests apply.

No matter what your talents and passion, you can thrive in a career in audiovisual. Whether you like to be a part of a creative team working with clients to turn their audiovisual needs into projects they’ll boast about later, or you’re a systems engineer who loves CAD, or nothing excites you like running cables and connecting components and cheering when the switch goes on and everything works, there is an AV career for you. And the careers don’t stop there — people are needed in the same administration positions as in any other field, such as HR, accounting, management and more.


PSNI is a network of audiovisual system integration companies from all around the U.S. Affiliate companies range from small and growing companies to large multi-state corporations. If you are just beginning your career or thinking of a change, we can help you find a position that fully engages you and gives you experience in, and understanding of, a wide range of aspects of a company’s operations. If you are mid-career, PSNI can match you with a company where you can make a difference and your impact will be recognized. If you are a seasoned AV professional, we can help you find a spot where your proven talents will shine.

Give AV a try! If you are looking to work with a company that is forward-thinking in all aspects of business with an emphasis on employee and client relationships, then a PSNI affiliate is an ideal choice for you. Whether you are relocating to a different area or looking to get involved for the first time in the AV industry, a PSNI affiliate is the best place to start your search in – cities throughout the country.

Where do I send my resume?

Please submit your resume to the Executive Offices of PSNI and it will be forwarded to the appropriate PSNI affiliate to determine if a position(s) is available. The Executive Offices of PSNI will not serve in any intermediary role or communicate directly with you regarding employment. Any response will come from the PSNI Affiliate directly.

Send to or mail to:

1831 E. 71st Street
Tulsa, OK 74136