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PSNI affiliates represent some of the most esteemed companies in the audiovisual system integration industry. Each year, leaders from these companies are elected to the PSNI Board of Directors. The Board of Directors stays on top of current corporate leadership principles and AV industry trends and then creates educational programming to bring this knowledge to all PSNI affiliate companies. The leadership of PSNI ensures adherence to this common vision, making the AV integration community stronger.

PSNI is committed to nurturing solid and long-lasting relationships with affiliates, Preferred Vendor Partners (PVPs), stakeholders, clients and the community. Relationships ensure continuity, collaboration, best practice sharing and rewarding businesses for everyone involved.

The 2014 Board of Directors

Mark Gottwig, Delta AV, Past-President

Andy Sellers, Sensory Technologies, President

Dana Barron, HB Communications, Vice-President

Jeff Irvin, Spinitar, Treasurer

Kevin Groves, Alpha Video & Audio, Secretary

Thomas Lee, The Audio Visual Company, Member-at-Large

The 2013 PSNI Board:


Mike Landrum, Past-President and Membership Chairman

Chief Executive Officer, Technical Innovation, Norcross, GA

Landrum, 2010-2011 President of PSNI, returns for his second year as Immediate Past-President and Membership Chairman. He has been a member of the PSNI Board of Directors since 2008 and has been a PSNI affiliate since 2004. The Past-President is also the Chairman of the Long Range Planning Committee as well as serving in the absence of the President.



Mark Gottwig, President

President of Delta AV, Gresham, OR

Gottwig was elected 2012 President of the PSNI Board of Directors and continues his two-year term. He has served on the PSNI Board since 2008 in a variety of roles.  The President’s responsibilities include supervising PSNI staff, appointing committees, and serving as Chairman of the Nomination Committee.




Andrew Sellers, VP

Operating Principal, Sensory Technologies, Indianapolis, IN
Sellers, who continues his two-year term as PSNI Vice President, has been a Board Member since 2010 as Member-at-Large and as Secretary. The Vice-President is the Chairman of the Image Enhancement and Marketing Committee of the network in addition to serving as Chairman of the Preferred Vendor Partner committee. Sensory Technologies has been an affiliate of PSNI since 2008.



Tim Czyzak, Treasurer

President, iVideo Technologies LLC, Cleveland, OHMr.

Czyzak was elected as Treasurer of the 2013 Board of Directors.  As Treasurer, he is the Chair of the Finance Committee and is responsible for managing the financial status of the organization.  Mr. Czyzak has been a PSNI member since 2010 though iVideo Technologies, formerly known as Industrial Video, which has been an affiliate for over 20 years.



Dana Barron, Secretary

Chief Executive Officer, HB Communications, North Haven, CT

Dana Barron, Secretary, has been a PSNI affiliate since 2004. He was a member of the PSNI Board of Directors in 2006, and a member of the LRP Committee in 2006 and 2013.  In his role as Secretary, Dana is the Chair of the Surveys and Market Intelligence Committee as well as the Program Committee of the network.



Chris Miller, Executive Director

An industry veteran of more than 35 years, Miller has photographed, directed and produced commercials, documentaries, primetime television shows, and music videos in addition to owning and operating video production and audiovisual integration companies.  Miller served as Chief Executive Officer of Fairview-AFX until the company was acquired in 1999 by MCSi, a publicly traded company.  He was Chief Executive Officer of the MCSi South Central region until 2003.

Miller held the position of President of ICIA (InfoComm) and President of the ICIF (InfoComm Foundation) in addition to volunteer work on numerous InfoComm committees.  Miller also served as President of Professional Systems Network International (PSNI), a network of nationwide audio and video integrators.

Miller has been the Executive Director of PSNI since 2003.


Tom Roberts, Co-Director

Roberts is responsible for the execution and management of the PSNI Preferred Vendor Program.  Under his guidance, the program has become a major contributor to the growth of the overall PSNI value proposition for both the affiliates of PSNI and the vendors who support the program.

Prior to joining PSNI, Roberts was the President of the South-Central region for MSCI. Previously, he was co-owner and the President of Fairview-AFX, Inc., a nationally recognized  systems integration company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with offices in Oklahoma City, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Little Rock.

Over his 40-plus years in the industry, Roberts has participated in an advisory capacity to numerous associations and manufactures and has been active in a number of key industry trade associations, including AIA, IEEE, InfoComm, ITVA, NAB, PBS, SBE and SMPTE.


The 2012 PSNI Board:

Left to right: Mike Landrum, PSNI Immediate Past-President and Membership Chairman; Mark Gottwig, PSNI President; Andrew Sellers, PSNI Vice President; Laura Moorhead, PSNI Secretary; David Lopez, PSNI Member-at-large; Stuart Allen, PSNI Treasurer.