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Position Statement

PSNI is a stockholder owned network of independently owned AV and Professional audio and video systems integrators.

PSNI adheres to the strictest guidelines to comply with federal antitrust laws. Therefore, policies and procedures are in place to avoid any impropriety regarding the sharing of pricing information or any other confidential information directly affecting pricing that is not available to the public. Affiliates are instructed that if they become aware of confidential information regarding pricing of another affiliate, that they should not use the information in any way that may affect their own pricing policies.

As a member of PSNI, affiliates agree to uphold the standards and beliefs of the Network. Our clients, partners and vendors are our lifeblood. We confidentially and publically adhere to our Client Bill of Rights and expect the public to hold us accountable to delivering upon them fully.

Our goal – individually and collectively – is to deliver professionalism, high standards of excellence, and forward-thinking solutions to ensure the client receives the best experience possible.

The measure of our success will be in the outstanding experience of our clients.

Similarly, it is in the best interest of each and every Affiliate that the PSNI Code of Ethics is upheld. We are stronger together than we are separate and by adhering to these standards, and demonstrating support and integrity for the PSNI organization and each other, we build a strong, viable and sustainable industry.

At PSNI, our strength is in the power of the common goal.

PSNI supports on-going education and industry certification of core competency skills. We encourage audio-visual industry trade associations to work together to produce a single certification that will limit confusion and promote unity and commonality for the benefit of enablers, integrators, and end-users.  PSNI annually provides scholarships to employees and families of affiliates for advanced education initiatives.

PSNI stockholders believe that common standards for end-to-end interoperability of broadcast and interactive digital audio visual equipment should be further developed by allied industry standards-setting bodies to assure successful audio visual system integration. Furthermore, we promote and encourage all related industry trade associations to work together to develop performance based standards for the integration of systems that consultants and integrators can use to design and build systems that are fit for purpose and that end-users can clearly understand and rely.

While PSNI does not donate money for any political purpose, we do support annual giving to select organizations that maintain 501 (c) (3) IRS status and spend at least 75% of their budget on programs and services.


Sharing best practices is an integral part of business. Utilizing the input of employees, outside professionals, and the PSNI affiliate body of knowledge, each PSNI affiliate develops and implements efficient and effective repeatable procedures that limit challenges with fewer problems and unforeseen complication that are indicative to audio visual system integration and design. By sharing best practices in all areas of business operations, affiliates are more in lockstep with each other to fulfill client system solutions.

PSNI affiliates support and recommended manufactures and vendors who have been designated as PSNI Preferred Vendor Partners (PVP). We believe that the development of long-term strategic relationships between integrators and PVP’s provides better-integrated solutions to end-users. PSNI affiliates are committed to providing the finest integrated solutions that leverage the talents of our designated partners when possible.

PSNI represents one of the most complete bodies of knowledge within the audio visual industry that represent the broadcast and unified communication marketplace. Our affiliate principals and employees volunteer their expertise with vertical trade associations that support public, private, and industry-related education, certification, and that promote professionalism of the audio visual industry.

We encourage affiliates to build a corporate culture for employees that enables everyone to recognize need in our communities and provide assistance without being motivated by financial or professional gain.

PSNI supports financial accountability and adherence to general accepted accounting practices for all PSNI stockholder companies.