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What is PSNI Global Alliance?

We are an alliance of elite technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service partners around the world.

PSNI Global Alliance not only unites industry leaders, our network supercharges them by extending their reach, complementing their strengths, and multiplying their resources, all combined with a commitment to the highest industry standards. For organizations seeking AV solutions, PSNI affiliation is the ultimate industry credential. More than that, it’s a promise that you’ll receive the smartest solutions, the smoothest installations, and the best training, service and support.

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  • A Global
    solution network

    Whether you’re a small business or global enterprise, PSNI Affiliate integrators provide single-source national coordination, deployment and project management for your project, as well as embedded personnel, crisis and preventative services. Clients also take advantage of PSNI’s established partnerships with enablers, architects, consultants, specialty designers and contract support.

  • A unique degree of collaboration

    Only PSNI brings together a diverse network of integrators and manufacturers to deliver custom-tailored solutions for our clients. United under the PSNI umbrella, integrators function as one to provide seamless solutions across markets and geographies. The same spirit of “coopetition” enables our customers to access best-of-breed solutions from a universe of technology partners.

  • One standard of

    In order to achieve – and maintain – membership in PSNI, our Affiliate integrators must hold the AV industry's most demanding certifications as defined by our Board, and they must commit to operate with the highest integrity. Adherence to our standards ensures the overall quality of PSNI Affiliates' work and establishes consistency from design to programming and integration.

"PSNI is a composite of the shareholders—all passionate about the network, their company and employees, and most importantly, the end-user. They don’t just sell and build integrated systems and technology—they solve problems and deliver results. That’s what gets them excited each and every day."
– Chris Miller, Executive Director, PSNI

What We Believe

We are stronger together.

In an industry as complex, diverse and dynamic as ours, AV technology users need a way to navigate forward with confidence in their ability to find the best solution for their needs, and the best value for their money. By creating a network comprised of the world's premier integrators and manufacturers – companies committed to forward-thinking education, resources, collaboration and support – PSNI provides peace of mind to our customers, while supporting our Affiliates and partners, sharing resources across our network, and raising the integrity of the industry through our actions.

PSNI Board of Directors

PSNI members represent some of the industry's most esteemed audiovisual integrators. Each year, leaders from these companies are elected to the PSNI board of directors.

  • Jeff Irvin
    Past President
    Principal, Spinitar
    Jeff Irvin graduated with honors from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Communication. While in college he worked for Karsten Manufacturing / PING golf equipment, in a marketing role for two years. After graduation, he spent five years with Kroy, Inc. in sales and sales management positions, eventually managing all branch sales and operational functions west of the Mississippi. In May of 1986, Jeff and his wife founded Spinitar (formerly Presentation Products, Inc.). Today, Spinitar has offices throughout California, with a federal government practice doing work throughout the world. Spinitar has been recognized by System Contractors News as a ‘Top 50 Commercial Integrator’ for consecutive years. Jeff sits on the business technology committee for the City of Hope, helping to raise funds for curing cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. Jeff also acts as the Vice President of PSNI, after serving on the board for several years. Jeff is married to his wife of 34 years, Barbara, and has two sons.
    Jeff Irvin
    Past President
  • Kevin Groves
    CEO, Alpha Video & Audio
    Kevin Groves worked in sales and sales management at 3 previous AV Integrators before joining Alpha Video (Est. 1970) in 1995 as a sales leader, working with broadcast television stations and groups. He progressed through various management positions, becoming COO and an ownership partner in 2003. In 2015, he took full ownership and became CEO. His background and skills in leading strategic initiatives and team management are the foundations of Alpha Video’s success. Alpha believes that company success is dependent on effective decision making that is aligned with core values while recognizing the interdependency of all team members. Kevin and the team at Alpha Video are continuously working hard to create a stronger, agile, and more process-driven organization by challenging traditional thought while recognizing industry trends to lead.
    Kevin Groves
  • John Laughlin
    Vice President
    CEO, Conference Technologies
    John Laughlin, President & CEO of Conference Technologies, Inc., has been an industry leader in AV/IT solutions architecture since 1997. He has built partnerships that have grown his company to 22 locations nationwide with clients throughout the world. John studied Economics at the University of Kansas and Washburn University. He is a member of YPO, National Systems Contractor Association, a board member for the Professional Systems Network International Global Alliance, is an AIA CES provider, and holds a CTS certification as an APEx AVIXA member. John resides in St. Louis with his wife Mary.
    John Laughlin
    Vice President
  • Dharmesh Ghandi
    Global Director-At-Large
    CEO, EZTouch Corporation
    Dharmesh Ghandi founded EZTOUCH Corporation in the Philippines in 2009 as a small and humble start up with the support of his wife and dearest friends. With the ambition to succeed in the AV world, he strived to create something different but yet something familiar in a country alien to him. Over the last 10years EZTouch has not only grown but moved forward on the vision shared by Dharmesh with his entire team. A people person, who cares deeply not only for each and every individual member of his team or family as he fondly calls them, but also carries a hope to progress the AV Industry as a whole in the region. Passionate about everything, Dharmesh believes more in collaboration and a healthy competition.
    Dharmesh Ghandi
    Global Director-At-Large
  • Susana Alvarez Vitale
    Global Director-At-Large
    CEO, Newtech
    Susana Alvarez Vitale earned her bachelor’s degree in international Relations, while studying a Senior Management Program at the IAE Business School. After graduation, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to the telecommunications industry where she pioneered the implementation of videoconferencing services by introducing the first VC rooms in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela. Today, Susana Alvarez Vitale is the CEO of Newtech Solutions Multimedia. For almost 20 years, Newtech has led the way in the technology field throughout Buenos Aires and Miami, integrating multimedia technology and unified communications and are specialized in audiovisual intelligent communication and collaboration, offering audio and video solutions designed for the future of work and Teleworkers.
    Susana Alvarez Vitale
    Global Director-At-Large
  • Toby Wise
    Global Director-At-Large
    CEO, Snelling Business Systems
    Toby Wise has a technical background with electronic engineering and computing degree, these skills are augmented with a postgraduate management diploma. He has a passion for technology and the benefits it brings. He joined Snelling in 1989 as a sales engineer and eleven years later started Snelling Business Systems as a new B2B venture. The company grew rapidly in the UK and since 2017 internationally in conjunction with PSNI. International recognition being achieved with consecutive awards won annually since 2016. Toby seeks to nurture talent and create an environment in which others can achieve their full potential.
    Toby Wise
    Global Director-At-Large
  • Jeremy Elsesser
    North American Member-At-Large
    President, Level 3 Audiovisual
    Jeremy has been delivering quality-integrated media technology solutions for more than 20 years. He began his career installing enterprise class network and audiovisual systems, progressing to the design and project management of a wide variety of technology enabled facilities. Jeremy has successfully led diverse teams on many large-scale and complex design and installation projects globally. Driven by quality and the creative application of new technologies, Jeremy thrives on developing unique and innovative solutions for his customers. He has worked on a broad range of project types including broadcast, production, and communications for higher education, corporate, healthcare, and hospitality clients. As President and quality evangelist, Jeremy oversees day-to-day operations. Jeremy focuses himself and his team on delivering premium systems and customer experience through the development and continual improvement of a complete quality management system. Jeremy serves on the Board of Directors for Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology (AQAV), as an adjunct faculty instructor for Avixa, and as a member of the PSNI Global Alliance Deployment and Service Oversight Committee. Jeremy is the recipient of the Avixa 2019 Educator of the Year, AQAV 2017 Quality Champion Award, and was recognized in the 2014 edition of the Commercial Integrators Top 40 under 40 Influencers.
    Jeremy Elsesser
    North American Member-At-Large
  • Chris Miller
    Executive Director
    An industry veteran of more than 35 years, Chris Miller has photographed, directed and produced commercials, documentaries, primetime television shows, and music videos in addition to owning and operating video production and audiovisual integration companies. Miller served as Chief Executive Officer of Fairview-AFX until the company was acquired in 1999 by MCSi, a publicly traded company. He was Chief Executive Officer of the MCSi South Central region until 2003. Miller held the position of President of ICIA (InfoComm) and President of the ICIF (InfoComm Foundation) in addition to volunteer work on numerous InfoComm committees. Miller also served as President of Professional Systems Network International (PSNI), a network of nationwide audio and video integrators. Miller has been the Executive Director of PSNI since 2003.
    Chris Miller
    Executive Director
  • Tom Roberts
    PVP Program Director
    Tom Roberts is responsible for the execution and management of the PSNI Preferred Vendor Program. Under his guidance, the program has become a major contributor to the growth of the overall PSNI value proposition for both the affiliates of PSNI and the vendors who support the program. Prior to joining PSNI, Roberts was the President of the South-Central region for MSCI. Previously, he was co-owner and the President of Fairview-AFX, Inc., a nationally recognized systems integration company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with offices in Oklahoma City, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Little Rock. Over his 40-plus years in the industry, Roberts has participated in an advisory capacity to numerous associations and manufactures and has been active in a number of key industry trade associations, including AIA, IEEE, InfoComm, ITVA, NAB, PBS, SBE and SMPTE.
    Tom Roberts
    PVP Program Director

Psni affiliate integrators

The best in the AV industry

In QualTrak's most recent evaluation of PSNI, our Affliates earned customer satisfaction rankings of 94% for both integration and service – yet these figures tell only part of the story. From technical expertise to training acumen, PSNI integrators demonstrate commitment to high standards and forward thinking solutions. Moreover, they connect through PSNI to a vast network of other Affiliates and technology partners, enabling them to serve more customers, more effectively and efficiently, than they can on their own.

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The Benefits of PSNI Affiliation

PSNI preferred vendor and solution partners

The world's AV leaders

Available to select manufacturers, PSNI’s Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) directly connects our technology partners to Affiliate integrators. It boosts mindshare by cultivating contacts with Affiliate staff by skillset; develops market opportunities by enabling vendors to design programs in sync with integrators; and improves market share by giving PVP Partners first opportunity to participate in PSNI marketing and educational events. Most important, the PVP speeds design, development, integration and support, ensuring that customers benefit from the collective expertise of integrators and vendors alike.

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The Power of PVP Membership