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AV Forecast Calls For Cloud Collaboration

Although it can save you money in maintenance and hardware investments, the cloud still comes at a cost and it pays to make sure it’s a cost worth taking. The following questions and answers are a good start to help you decide.

Web Conferencing vs. Webcasting: Which Is Better For You?

In the modern collaborative era, just about everyone is familiar with web conferencing. Using your phone and content sharing software on your computer, you can share slides and screen shots and talk about them and edit them in real-time. For a small, geographically dispersed team looking to simulate face-to-face meetings and cooperation, web conferencing is …

PSNI Global Alliance Appoints New Board of Directors for 2018

PSNI Global Alliance announced their new board of directors during its annual conference, Supersummit, held last week.  The 2018 board will include a combination of North American and Global Members to reflect the goals and opportunities identified by the executive leadership team for the alliance.

Investing in Outcomes, Not Solutions

When transforming your organization to a digital workplace, not all solutions will align to your company’s goals, budgets, needs, etc. Keeping up with new technologies is a huge job in itself, so how do you know you’re on the right path?