We are a French AV integrator. This is how we define our job – while providing much more to our clients.

Going back ten years ago, Wipple was already building up the ultimate meeting room experience. And we have been beating the track record ever since. How’s that? From the complexity of integrating multiple technologies to AV components, we create the simplest user experience possible.

We pour all our energy into every single detail of what we do. That encompasses how we think, design, and integrate meeting rooms to how anyone can easily use it. For this reason, employees benefit from incredible and efficient meeting spaces adapted to their working methods, including standup meetings, creative projects, project management, training, etc.

To go further, we create an amazing experience for visitors and employees everywhere in the building. Your reception is more efficient, the mobility of your employees is easier, and your spaces are simple to book.

We work with great companies, such as Moet Hennessy, PwC, and EY. No one’s done more to improve collaboration experience than our team. We are fast thinkers. We are Wipple, and we are good at what we do.