Four Floors of Innovative Design for Adobe Campus

Improving Communication with Technology

Avidex continues its valued partnership with Adobe by designing and integrating world-class audiovisual systems throughout their new 280,000 Sq. Ft. Lehi Campus and Amenities buildings. Within this install, PSNI affiliate Avidex developed and implemented advanced technology solutions for the Network Operations Center, video-teleconferencing rooms and presentation systems, all designed to work seamlessly through single touch user-friendly controls. This project included 53 AV spaces comprised of 9 different experiences and a variety of “one off” systems.

Network Operation Center

The Network Operation Center is designed to give Adobe employees the ability to monitor important company systems, as well as, vital statistics important for operation. The heart of the Network Operation Center is the video wall comprised of 24 NEC LCD displays wall mounted with an RP Visuals swing wide mount. The video routing and room control for the room is accomplished using Crestron Digital Media and control products. Through the use of a Crestron touch panel, users have the ability to call up pre-defined video window presets. These presets allow different window sizing configurations to be displayed on the wall.

Customer Experience Center

When you first enter the Adobe building you are welcomed by the Customer Experience Center. The CEC pays tribute to Adobe’s clients and also provides an interactive area where visitors can access interesting data and facts through touch screen monitors. The impact of technology is immediate. To show client appreciation, Avidex installed forty 10.2″ video monitors, displaying client’s logos, wall-mounted in patterns along the hallway. The video feed to the monitors is on a continuous loop and cycles through the client’s logos throughout the day. To provide the interactive experience for the area, three 2 x 2 video walls, with touch screen overlays, were installed. Visitors can walk up and touch the screens to find information specific to their interests.

“All Hands” Room (Basketball Court)

The basketball court is designed to serve two distinct functions. The first function is to be an athletic court where employees play basketball, volleyball, and other activities. The second function of the room is to provide a large meeting area with full audiovisual capabilities for “All Hands” meetings for Adobe employees. The AV equipment needed to be as inconspicuous as possible and be protected against errant projectiles that occur anytime athletics are being played on a court. Two Christie 12,000 Lumen, WUXGA projectors, housed in the projection booth, are viewed on 120″ x 192″ Stewart screens located in the room. Because of the high ceilings in the room, Stewart Cable Climber screens are installed in the space. The Cable Climber product allows the screen box to drop approximately 4 feet then, the screen fabric drops from the box to the desired height required in the room. The screen box retracts up into the ceiling, out of the way, when not in use. Floor and wall boxes are inconspicuously placed in the room to provide connection and control points for the meeting presenters. The production style projection booth houses all of the equipment used to control the room. Some of the equipment Adobe support staff have at their disposal are an 8 channel Mackie mixer to control audio levels in the meeting, ten 23″ LED monitors to preview video feeds, and a 24″ Crestron touch panel to control the room and its equipment. The video and audio routing for the system is accomplished with the use of the Crestron 32 x 32 Digital Matrix switcher.

Training Rooms (Combinable and Single Space Conference Rooms)

Multiple training rooms were installed in the facility. The training rooms are equipped with one of the following configurations: a projector, a projector and a monitor, or two projectors. The configuration is dependent upon the room size and training requirements for each room. Each training room contains a trainer’s workstation. The workstations house the local equipment necessary for a productive training class: a local PC, Blu-Ray player, connections for VGA, HDMI, and mini HDMI, gooseneck and wireless microphones, and a touch panel to control the system. Also, provided in the training rooms are Polycom video conferencing systems to allow for distance learning with other Adobe locations throughout the world. Each room contains a pair of Polycom EagleEye cameras.

Team and Collaboration Rooms

Avidex has worked with Adobe personnel to develop a set of standards for Adobe meeting rooms throughout the world. Avidex implemented these standards in the meeting rooms installed throughout their new facility. Rooms are equipped based on the number of people and the size of a room. The displays for these rooms range from a single short-throw projector in the smaller collaboration rooms up to a projector and 2 monitors in the larger Team Rooms. Each of the smaller Collaboration Rooms contains a short-throw projector displaying on a Wink paint surface. The Wink surface allows users to write their ideas or meeting notes on the wall with markers. With E-Beam technology built into the projector mounts, users can capture the notes on the wall and save them to a local PC in the room. These notes can then be distributed to participants of the meeting. As the Team and Collaboration Rooms get larger, more functionality is added. In the larger Team Rooms, users have the ability to make audio and video conferencing calls using Polycom conferencing equipment. Polycom EagleEye Director cameras are installed in the video conferencing rooms. These cameras track conference participants through the use of voice triangulation and facial recognition. This technology provides for a more realistic face-to-face interaction among participants in the video call. All Team and Collaboration Rooms contain connection points at the tables to connect laptops or other presentation devices to be viewed on the displays.

Fitness Center, Café and Game Rooms

Adobe employees have access to many amenities in the facility including a complete Fitness Center, a full service Café, and Game Rooms for entertainment. Televisions showing satellite programming are installed throughout the Fitness Center and Café giving employees a place to catch up on national or local events while exercising or eating their lunch. Also, at the employee’s disposal are Game Rooms. The Game Rooms provide a place where employees can go and relax. Here they have options of playing X-Box, Wii or relaxing and watching television.

Digital Signage (Employee Communication)

To get corporate messages out to employees, digital signage monitors are installed throughout the building. The monitors are placed in high traffic areas and display content produced by Adobe employees. Digital Signage monitors are also installed in the Café to display menus items and specials and in the Fitness Center to show upcoming classes and other fitness related messages.



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