Creating the WOW! Factor for Indiana University

Creating a Memorable Experience for Students

Attracting new students and retaining them is important for any university and it’s an initiative that Indiana University was ready to take on with the help of PSNI Integrator, Sensory Technologies.

The focus was to create an experience that would engage students. One that would be memorable and not only ‘stick’ with them but encourage them to return and experience it over and over again. The technologies deployed needed to enable students to interact with the content – and with each other.

To create this memorable experience, Sensory Technologies developed an interactive video wall for Indiana University.  The backend of the technology provides for more than a simple viewing experience. Students and faculty are able to interact with the digital wall using a variety of inputs, including laptop PCs, cable boxes and a gaming cart with the most up-to-date gaming consoles. Several content sources, including a live feed from the adjacent student control room and digital signage from the campus network, can all be displayed on the screen. Several images can be displayed simultaneously, resized and reconfigured by recalling selected layouts or presets on the touchpanel. There are three input locations where users can plug into the system. These local connection spots also allow for the custom credenza that houses the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U gaming consoles to move around the space.

The Wow Factor

Walking into the interactive space designed and installed by Sensory Technologies, is usually  joined by an audible “WOW.” Most say it’s not something you expect to see in a higher education lobby. The digital display is crystal clear, bright and easily viewable even in its high ambient light space. Students say that the display’s “floating look” – even though it is suspend by aircraft cable above, feels very “futuristic.” The IU Media School team can display customized messaging with their internal digital signage platform. At that same time, the all-important IU Hoosiers sporting games are a mere click away, when needed.

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