Creating The World’s Largest Indoor Video Wall

A true front row experience for the city that never sleeps

As an industry leader in the development of themed destination resorts, the Westgate Las Vegas set out to make the Westgate SuperBook® the world’s most renowned and technologically advanced sports book. According to COO Mark Waltrip, they wanted a Sports Book that was “a game-changer for our property and a game-changer for the industry. We’re going to set a very high bar for what a SportsBook should look and feel like”.

PSNI affiliate HB Communications and our partners, RP Visuals and Christie Digital, created an enormous curved array display, measuring 20 feet tall and 220 feet wide. This enormous video wall spans the length of the world’s largest sports book creating a stadium-like experience. Every seat in the Westgate Superbook®  is a “front-row” experience. Available 24/7, the wall delivers extremely high resolution video across wide viewing angles, critical elements for a display that is capable of showing dozens of video feeds, in an almost endless variety of configurations.

Taking No Prisoners

As anyone that’s ever been to a Las Vegas casino knows, it is a fast paced, “take no prisoners” environment that runs 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. With millions of dollars in revenue riding on each day’s delay, the demands of any new construction can be quite daunting. RP Visuals CEO Randy Pagnan said it best, “To say it’s large is a giant understatement. When we were approached by HB Communications to fabricate the mounting structure for this project, we began the process of how to architecturally integrate this large, curved video wall structure into a reality.”

The project faced a number challenges, one of which was how to build the new display wall while allowing the existing facility to remain in 24/7 operation. The answer was to build a temporary display wall utilizing projectors and screens in front of the new one. Additionally, all of the Superbook’s® infrastructure had to be routed through the support structure for the wall. The structure needed to be strong and large enough to carry power, communications, HVAC and other services. It also had to be in place before any of those services could be installed.

RP Visuals and HB delivered on time and in sync with the requirements of other trades, seamlessly. HB’s Project Management team needed to keep all the parts and pieces moving in an organized, steady flow of personnel, products, software to keep the project on schedule with minimum disruption to all of the ongoing activities within the casino.

Giving the “Front Row” Experience

To meet the extensive program needs, a head-end system of nearly 100 sources was assembled, including DirecTV, Dish Network, local CATV and over-the-air programming; a complement of PCs supply wagering content, internet-only programming, as well as a scrolling sports news ticker. There are 62 million individual LED lamps in the display, yet it uses as much electricity as an incandescent night light bulb per square foot. In comparison to the video boards at Cowboys stadium, the SuperBook display has 30 times the pixels and 64 times the pixels per square foot. Mounting the display required the construction of a 35,000 pound steel support frame to hold the 1,680 LED tiles each measuring 18.9″ x 18.9″ x 3″ deep, total weight of nearly 42,000 pounds. Ten miles of cabling connecting the LED tiles to the video equipment room housing the 22 racks.

Up to 60 video signals can be displayed on the wall simultaneously, with 100 signals to choose from. There are 48 DirecTV receivers, 24 Dish Network receivers, 4 Cox Cable receivers, 6 over-the-air tuners and a dozen PCs. Switching and video processing includes two Crestron DM-MD128x128 switchers and nine Christie/Vista Spyder X20 1608s. The LED wall is wired with a redundant set of senders to prevent downtime in the event of either a controller failure or a data cable break.

The system is designed to accommodate true 4K signals and custom content can be designed to fill the entire wall. The KVM system accommodates seven 4-head PCs and another 20 single-head PCs to ten workstations. Four 12-input multi-viewers drive the primary monitor system in the control room; six Extron multi-viewers drive the supervisor monitors. A Crestron control system operates the entire system.
An audio system complements the video, with four stacks of full-range drivers and two stacks of subwoofers arranged to provide two distinct areas of sound in the room. All power for the AV racks is conditioned through surge suppressors and UPS units. IP monitoring is enabled for every circuit.

Foot traffic and revenues at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino have increased significantly since the opening of the SuperBook. The patrons are drawn in by the enormous LED wall that delivers bright, color-saturated HD images from around the sports world. Technicians can use preset configurations that determine the size and placement of each video window on the wall. They can also adjust layout and content “on the fly”, depending on the requirements of the moment and fill the entire wall, all 4,400 square feet of it with one image. The quality of the image and the flexibility of what can be shown where, make the display truly unique within the sports betting industry.

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