Hard Rock Stadium – Turned Up

Diversified Uses Electro-Voice For Major Audio Deployment at New Hard Rock Stadium

Hard Rock Stadium, home to the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami football team, location of the yearly Orange bowl and additional events throughout the year recently revamped its stadium and with a revamp comes all new audiovisual technology provided by PSNI affiliate, Diversified.

Making Some Noise

65,326 screaming Dolphins fans can make some noise – a lot of noise.  For that reason, audio was one of top priorities within the Hard Rock Stadium and for that, Diversified turned to a leader in high-quality sound systems: Electro-Voice a Bosch company.
Supplying high-quality sound for stadiums all over the world has always been a big part of the Electro-Voice tradition going back to our very first system, designed for football coaching legend Knut Rockne at the University of Notre Dame’s football facility over 80 years ago. This latest major stadium installation demonstrates the scope of the EV portfolio and the scale of the system solutions we can provide today.

The main system at Hard Rock Stadium includes 186 XLCi127DVX line array cabinets, 56 EVF-1122S front-loaded speakers, 24 EVH-1152D long-throw, horn-loaded speakers (six in each corner), and 48 custom-designed dual 18” subwoofers. The main arrays are integrated into custom-engineered frames designed to withstand extreme storm and wind conditions.

Additionally, Diversified selected various surface-mount and ceiling models to precisely serve the various spaces in which they are deployed. The concourses and public areas throughout the facility feature over 1100 ZX1i and EVID surface-mount and ceiling speakers. All of the above adds up to provide seamless coverage and sonic clarity for fans in all areas of the stadium.

Hard Rock Stadium will be a global entertainment destination which is the home of the Miami Dolphins, University of Miami football team, Orange Bowl, Super Bowl LIV and the 100th anniversary of the NFL, international soccer and a host of world-class events. It was designed to embrace all that South Florida has to offer, while providing unparalleled live experiences.

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