Usability and Reliability at Every Level for Convene’s 32 Old Slip

Partnering with over 65% of Fortune 100 companies for all types of meetings and events – large and small, Convene is the nation’s fastest growing network of meeting, event and conference venues that combine technology, culinary production and human-centered design into a transformative user experience. When planning its next expansion in the 36,000 square foot space at 32 Old Slip in Manhattan, Convene had one core mission – superior audiovisual that their clients demand.

Ease-of-use and reliability were the top priorities for 32 Old Slip and choosing an integrator for this space didn’t mean choosing someone who simply understood the projects, Convene needed a true partner, someone to collaborate with, an innovator, and for that reason they chose PSNI Affiliate HB Communications for the job.

A Superior Audiovisual Experience

Several spaces were designed by HB Communications, a large auditorium and 12 smaller breakout rooms.  With multiple people using these rooms on a daily basis for up to 16 hours a day, the rooms needed to be both reliable and as simple to use as possible.  It was imperative that people with no technical experience could walk into an interactive room and collaborate with their audience in any location.

Based on these needs HB chose a Crestron control system so guests could have comprehensive control of their meeting experience in the auditorium. An 18-foot diagonal rear-projection screen is situated in the front of the space with two 90-inch LED screens on each side and two more 60-inch displays in the back of the room.  The room is also equipped with a full surround sound system with subwoofers and ceiling speakers.  Wireless Sennheiser mics, plus additional microphone support when called for, round out the room’s superior sound component.  The room is outfitted with Cisco videoconferencing and Polycom audioconferencing technologies to accommodate participants in other locations

Keeping collaboration and ease of use in mind, HB outfitted Old Slip’s smaller business rooms with touch overlay LCD screens that include whiteboard capabilities.  Users now have a truly collaborative experience with the people in the room.

An additional feature to these rooms designed by HB, are the option to record audio and video throughout the facility for later distribution and review.  Convene, having invested in storage capacity and bandwidth wanted to capture as much content as need and have the ability to move it through a cloud-based app or direct bridge.

The end product exceeded Convene’s expectations in every way.  “We wanted to be the place where people execute their most productive ideas and get their work done,” said Ryan Simonetti, Convene’s Co-Founder.  “When you see the space doing what it was designed to do, with people collaborating at a high level, that’s what’s most rewarding for us as a company.  AV technology will continue to be an ever-larger part of how we accomplish that.”

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