Meeting the Needs of Today’s Educational Environment at Amherst School of Nursing

Fully Functioning and Easy to Use Technology

Amherst School of Nursing prepares students to assess and meet the ever-changing needs of individuals, families, and communities through clinical placements in such settings as hospitals, extended care facilities, ambulatory care clinics, schools, senior centers, day programs, and correctional facilities across Massachusetts and throughout New England.

Recognizing more and more business is done online, the School of Nursing decided their conference room was not meeting the needs of the students and faculty.   The AV equipment in place never seemed to work properly, and the individual pieces of equipment did not work effectively with the other pieces in the room, often needing to be switched out.  Stephen Cavanaugh, Dean at Amherst School of Nursing, spearheaded the initiative to redesign the current space to meet the needs of today’s educational environment.  “To insure we are competitive in the programs we offer, we realized we needed to have an environment to make the technology work so that it didn’t interfere with the learning.  We wanted education, not the technology, front and center,” says Cavanaugh.

PSNI affiliate, HB Communications was brought on board to implement the AV upgrade.

Education Front and Center

HB knew the main focus was to make the School of Nursing’s conference room easy to use for all. Keeping in mind the conference room would be in use outside of normal tech support business hours for classes and meetings, it was also imperative to the school that the technology was simple and functional, HB Communications determined Lifesize video conferencing technology, Samsung screens and Chief mounts would be the best fit for the conference space.

Within three days, HB had installed and configured the conference room’s videoconferencing system.  “There was a major improvement in the quality of both the sound and video,” notes Cavanaugh.

HB met the needs of the School of Nursing who noted the technology was simple and clean giving the students a positive learning experience.

Since the upgraded conference room has gone live, the room has been almost fully booked each day.

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