Microsoft Teams Enabled Environment Expands at Volvo Korea Campus

Volvo Korea was doubling their office space, adding more meeting rooms and a live studio to their campus. All new rooms needed to be Microsoft Teams-enabled and accommodate both in-person and virtual meetings and events. Volvo Korea partnered with PSNI Certified Solution Provider Jushin AVT for the project with the goal of obtaining the compatibility and stability of global standard systems.

The live studio is used mainly by Volvo Korea’s managing director, who presents company updates and announcements to employees, along with virtual meetings with fellow executive management using Microsoft Teams. Previously, the managing director would attempt to hold meetings and company-wide virtual announcements using his laptop, so at times his voice was not clearly transmitted. Jushin AVT installed Shure’s advanced ceiling microphone, MXA710, and now the managing director and his colleagues are satisfied with the new environment, where he can present his voice clearly, even when moving around freely during his online meetings. This is the first time Shure’s MXA710 microphone has been implemented in Korea.

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