Providing a Collaboration Space for Med Students

In the medical field collaboration proves to be a key element.  With collaboration comes power.  That’s why the University of Louisville sought out Sensory Technologies for their collaborative solutions.

Using an array of collaboration solutions for a more interactive learning space, Sensory Technologies was able to provide students of The University of Louisville a more accurate experience of what their careers after graduation will look like.

During this project Sensory Technologies understood that the goal was to engage students in experiences that more closely mimic the environment they will work in upon graduation – per leadership’s vision and credentialing body’s requirement.

Sensory Technologies answer to this was designing more collaborative learning spaces – classrooms, labs, lobbies, break-outs – in order to support a fundamental pedagogical shift and allow learners to acquire, synthesize and apply information in team-based settings.

The result: since the install of new technology more students attend classes and and the university has seen uptick in enrollment which is being continuously monitored.

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