A State-Of-The-Art Campus for Citrix

An Improved conference experience with automatic tracking technology provided by Avidex

A state-of-the-art, eco-friendly and truly one of a kind conference center, Citrix Santa Clara campus is the flagship office for it’s employees. When planning a retrofit of the 170,000 square-foot space, Citrix applied a “design thinking” approach to the overall real estate improvements, turning to PSNI affiliate, Avidex for design, integration and post-integration support services.

Collaborating together for the best possible result.

The Santa Clara campus is used for executive, design and collaboration meeting spaces.  Together, Citrix and Avidex collaborated on the overall real estate improvements. Avidex worked with end users, construction and architectural team members and Citrix facilities management for a cohesive review of design and construction objections.

All spaces feature the ability to use Citrix’s GoToMeeting HD video conferencing application. In order to create a truly seamless experience, Avidex chose conference systems from the leader in HD video conferencing, voice conferencing & telepresence: Polycom.

For the largest of the conference rooms, Avidex designed an interface with the Polycom EagleEye and HDX video conference system.  This system allows users to utilize Polycom’s voice and video tracking technology.  The EagleEye technology enables far-end users to see and hear individuals speaking without relying on camera controls or presets. The automatic tracking improved the larger meeting space experiences.

Additionally, Avidex designed and installed audio visual systems that include high definition displays, both consumer and commercial-grade, and signal distribution and control systems.



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