Deploying AV Solutions in a Crisis and Beyond

The global COVID-19 pandemic is testing communication capabilities like no other event in history.  In this crucial time, the demands are high and the timelines short. Take a breath.  Audio visual integrators have been connecting people and enabling remote communication for decades and can work with you to develop a plan in a crisis - or outside of it.

What's in the Guide?

This guide will share recommendations from experienced PSNI Global Alliance members who can help you develop a 30, 90, and 120-day plan to deploy the solutions the current situation demands while also preparing for your future needs.

Additional Resources We Love From PSNI Global Alliance Members

How to plan and organize yourself to help you speed up the delivery of a better solution.

Steps you can take now to put yourself in the best position when we come out on the other side

Tips and advice to ensure your interim fixes are a steppingstone to your long-term solution

Ideas on how to pay for these projects and how to make sure you’re not caught in an endless backlog

About PSNI Global Alliance

PSNI is a global alliance of top technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service partners. Our network helps magnify each member’s capabilities and expands the services they can provide. Clients can enjoy a wide variety of standardized solutions and support no matter where they are in the world.

A standardized, documentable approach across the network also means a PSNI Global Alliance integrator can deliver results faster, and you spend less time researching and coordinating with multiple vendors and integrators. Because of the power of the PSNI Alliance, you can even keep your local or regional PSNI technology partners while receiving global support.

PSNI’s global reach also assures that you get service delivered the way you want it—including in your own language and according to the rules, regulations and requirements of your location. The PSNI Global Alliance expands and improves your options for AV integration and support no matter where you are—and no matter what you need.

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