Re-Define Your Classroom - Now and For the Future

From primary schools to university campuses, the global pandemic shutdown tested our ability to shift educational approaches and adapt to unknown variables. As a result, the ability to change how we deliver learning—even dynamically shifting between models—is becoming part of the standard operating procedure, extending well beyond the end of COVID-19.

What's in the Guide?

In this guide, we’ll share insights and resources from certified, PSNI Global Alliance integrators, partners, and other industry leaders to help you find and assess technologies that will create a safe and effective learning environment and enable rapid and frequent changes to your delivery model.

Solutions available to implement in-person learning with an emphasis on safety

Steps for a hybrid learning environment including  capturing, transmitting and recording  content and ensure the audio and video is sent where it’s needed.

Remote and virtual learning solutions that  focus on improved access and quality

Ideas on how to get the most out of a technology investment including  integrating  with existing systems when possible

About PSNI Global Alliance

PSNI is a global alliance of top technology integrators, manufacturers, distributors and service partners. Our network helps magnify each member’s capabilities and expands the services they can provide. Clients can enjoy a wide variety of standardized solutions and support no matter where they are in the world. 

A standardized, documentable approach across the network also means a PSNI Global Alliance integrator can deliver results faster, and you spend less time researching and coordinating with multiple vendors and integrators. Because of the power of the PSNI Alliance, you can even keep your local or regional PSNI technology partners while receiving global support. 

PSNI’s global reach also assures that you get service delivered the way you want it—including in your own language and according to the rules, regulations and requirements of your location. The PSNI Global Alliance expands and improves your options for AV integration and support no matter where you are—and no matter what you need.

Is keeping up with technology making your head spin?

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