How To Refresh AV Technology Efficiently and Affordably

Budget always plays a big part in deciding when to refresh your AV equipment. Fortunately, not all components need to be replaced at the same time. A total refresh can involve everything from replacing cables and connectors to new video walls. However, there’s a big difference between the lifespan of a small display and an LED video wall, so how do you know what to refresh and when?  Download this guide for best practices and recommendations. 

What's in The Guide?

This guide will share best practices and recommendations from PSNI partners to help you create an AV equipment refresh plan that meets your company’s needs and budget.

Typical life cycles for commonly used AV equipment and top signs that indicate you may need a refresh

Factors you should consider when creating your AV equipment upgrade plan

Tips on how to strike a balance between updated technology and real-world budgets

Best-practice suggestions from PSNI technology providers and featured solutions

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