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Membership has its benefits

As a PSNI Partner, you'll experience world-class training, professional development and the most highly sought after relationships in the industry

PSNI members and Preferred Vendor Partners are a true partnership, setting the bar in professionalism and excellence. They support one another by partnering across the network, sharing, collaborating and striving for the continued education and certification that makes them stand out. And PSNI supports those efforts by offering peer networking events, trainings and benchmarking surveys unseen anywhere else in the industry.

Psni Member integrators

The best in the AV industry

In QualTrak's most recent evaluation of PSNI, our Affiliates earned customer satisfaction rankings of 94% for both integration and service – yet these figures tell only part of the story. From technical expertise to training acumen, PSNI integrators demonstrate commitment to high standards and forward thinking solutions. Moreover, they connect through PSNI to a vast network of other Affiliates and technology partners, enabling them to serve more customers, more effectively and efficiently, than they can on their own.

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The Benefits of PSNI Membership

PSNI preferred vendor and solution partners

The World's AV leaders

Available to select manufacturers, PSNI’s Preferred Vendor Program (PVP) directly connects our technology partners to member integrators. It boosts mindshare by cultivating contacts with Affiliate staff by skillset; develops market opportunities by enabling vendors to design programs in sync with integrators; and improves market share by giving PVP Partners first opportunity to participate in PSNI marketing and educational events. Most important, the PVP speeds design, development, integration and support, ensuring that customers benefit from the collective expertise of integrators and vendors alike.

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The Power of PVP Partnership